New Small Circle Groups for Winter 2022! 

4 women, 5 sessions, just $99!

Our topic: The Practice of Happiness

Offered Tuesdays and Sundays starting  Jan. 18 and 23. 

First session (of 5): The Brain/Gut Connection: Choose your Food & Change your Mood!

Includes my self-published companion booklet, “Happiness Habits” 


What does HAPPINESS look like to you? Through our Small Circle Groups, I’ll be sharing the tools and habits – simple, everyday habits – that have been scientifically shown to shift our mindsets to a healthier, happier state. We’ll discuss the Science of Happiness, including how and why our brains so often replay the “wrong tapes”. And I’ll lead us in a few healthy habits and thought-shift exercises, some of which you have known your whole life. The difference here is we’ll be acting on them, trying them out, alongside four other like-minded women who want to refill their happiness bucket too!

Join one of our Small Circle groups for $99 and enjoy five 70-minute sessions on The Practice of Happiness – held every other week on either Tuesday or Sunday nights (based on availability). Call or text me at 406-334-3625, or email me at for available session times and sign-up details.



Are you ready to write the next chapter of your life story? Find your life’s best balance.


What is the best path to get there? Fulfill your dreams and your potential! Learn how to overcome roadblocks and fears.


Will the effort be worth the outcome? Declare your “why” and then start moving toward your highest potential.

“Trish helped me get back to a healthy, active lifestyle by holding me accountable each week. I’ve lost 72 pounds and feel happier than I have in years.”


~ Diann Thompson

Four groups are now open for Jan.-Feb. 2022. Text, call or email me to learn more and sign up now!

Our Small Circle Groups begin every two months (8 weeks) and each private circle of just four ladies and myself, your host, meets for 75 minutes every two weeks, for a total of five sessions! Cost is just $99 for entire program which includes a self-published program guide with the tools and resources we cover for your continued use!

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