Listen, we all need a little direction sometimes.

Through the Healthy Life Mindset process, we help you find your unique life balance.


A Healthy Life Mindset?

We’ve all set goals throughout our lives. Plans for our future. Dreams for ourselves. Whether by fate or choice, these plans have changed and evolved through the years to bring us where we are today.

The Healthy Life Mindset is a state of mind and a state of being. It’s a point in your life when you pause long enough to ask a few basic questions:


How do I feel today?

Does my life feel balanced?

If I could make one change, big or small, what would it be?

What’s one simple step I can take today in that general direction?

And then you listen to your answers – to your gut. And then you act. But that’s the hardest part of all – you need to act. And this process of action becomes your Healthy Life Mindset.




We all have goals, or at least parts of our lives we need a push with. An accountability partner. Here I am! We’ll give you a kickstart using the same 4-step Action Process used in my 60-day “Buddy-System” and 90-day “Breakthrough” programs. This package gives you five one-on-one coaching sessions by zoom or phone, a completely customized training plan that includes podcasts, TEDTalks, YouTube trainings and coaching tools specific to your goals. We will jump right in and you will begin to move forward! Call or text me at 406-334-3625 for a free Q&A chat.



Anytime we get serious about a life change, it can help to have a friend by our side – both to encourage and to hold us accountable. Welcome to the Buddy-System, my 60-day approach to moving you AND a buddy ahead – hello Moms, Daughters, Fathers, Sons, Friends and Partners! This package features six buddy coaching sessions, four one-on-one sessions – by zoom or by phone – and a completely customized training plan including podcasts, TEDTalks, YouTube trainings and coaching tools specific to your goals. You will enjoy the process and you will make progress! Call or text me at 406-334-3625 for a free Q&A chat.


Want to push past the kickstart, invite a buddy to join you AND reach your goals? If you’ve reviewed the first two programs, you know you get a customized training plan that includes the most relevant podcasts, TEDTalks, YouTube trainings and coaching tools – specific to your goals. You get my 4-step Action Process, AND with this 90-day package you get 12 one-on-one coaching sessions and three “buddy” sessions, where you invite a friend, family-member or mentor to join these special sessions that bring greater accountability and support towards achieving your goals! Are you ready? Please call or text me at 406-334-3625 for a free Q&A chat.


Every client receives a published copy of all tools and resources.

  • Beautiful 30-page booklet with all of the session notes, tools and resources used during your program.

  • Printed copies of your session notes.

  • High-quality color copies of all tools and relevant articles and coaching models shared – for your continued use.

  • A summary of links to all selected podcasts, TEDTalks, YouTube trainings and blogs for future reference.

  • A $49 value when I print for group trainings. Excellent tangible guide for your future reference and refresh!

Trish became my life coach during a difficult and dark time in my life. Circumstances and my own bad choices and some unclear thinking seemed to conspire to back me into a corner. I felt trapped. Through our regular sessions, Trish helped me break down my seeming mountain of problems into manageable pieces, and suggested step-by-step solutions.

Trish helped me create a timeline and choose smaller, gradual steps that all felt more manageable to me and got me moving along the path to relocate. She made the process move so much faster than it otherwise would have, and even reminded me several times along the way to stop and celebrate each step I had achieved.

Trish’s practical advice, support, and encouragement through my two-year period of challenges became a lifeline of hope for me when I needed it most. I believe others will absolutely get a great deal out of working with Trish too!
Julie Haas

Portland, Oregon


Join our live group coaching e-sessions! 60-minute group sessions, 2x/month. Our small coaching circles (maximum 8 participants) meet twice a month via webinar sessions. Join our rise-and-shine team from 7am to 8am OR our after-hours team from 7pm to 8pm. One-on-one sessions are available at alternate times and days of the week.


  • 2x/month 60-minute coach-led, group-chosen focus with open discussions.

  • Coach-initiated questions, group problem-solving process through each person’s unique life experience-sharing.

  • Group must collectively agree on topics, life challenges, to be discussed.

  • All coaching materials, additional expert resources (books, e-videos, etc.) specific to each Coaching Circle’s focus or WHY, plus my exclusive “Time-Blocking” process – provided for this Group Coaching series.

“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.”


– C.S. Lewis

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