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Trish Kinney, Life Coach

certified ICF Elite Life Coach

Fear and doubt are a normal part of life. Sometimes all it takes is a little guidance and friendly support to get you moving along your desired life path. I can help!

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Hi! I’m Trish and I work with motivated clients who seek personal growth, increased awareness and a strong desire to show up strong in their lives – regardless of the obstacles they meet along the way.

Because change and fear and doubt are all a normal part of our lives, I help people just like you navigate their unique life struggles with hope, with courage, with intention and with confidence! I help people find and live their why. You have a voice, you have a purpose in this life.

You have a why and I’m going to help you name it and I’m going to help you live it! If you are ready to make a change – maybe one that’s been eating at you for years – please schedule a complimentary 30 minute mini-session with me. I will answer your questions, share the steps of my coaching process, and we’ll discuss what your ideal life can look like.

I’ve experienced the fear you have right now, have faced and surpassed some pretty big bumps in my own journey, and emerged a much less stressed, more empowered, and happier version of myself. I am living my why. I can show you the path to your own big why, and a work-life balance you can start living as soon as we get started.


It’s important to choose a coach that is a right fit for you. My coaching philosophy is not a one size fits all approach—it’s tailored just for you. I work with motivated clients who seek personal growth, increased awareness, and a strong desire to show up strong in their lives regardless of their obstacles. If you feel stuck: in your career, your life, accessing your full potential, managing work and life balance, governing your stress, knowing what you really want to do, at gaining clarity, or simply just feeling stuck, we may be a great fit. I’m a certified ICF Elite life coach, and look forward to helping guide you in the best direction possible.


My life transition.


“Shortly after college, and early in my career, I took a bold leap from the editorial and marketing side of my job – to the more lucrative, but “dark side” of advertising sales.
At the time, I knew zilch about ad sales. Literally nothing. I had no real experience, few business contacts, and essentially no referrals who could speak to my sales skills. I was at the starting gate.

While I was excited to dive into something new, and motivated to make a better living for myself, I can particularly recall the fear and uncertainty I felt at that time. I had plenty of motivational fuel in my tank, but no road map or clear direction for where I was headed; I was lost in the world of options and confused by the volume of trails to choose from.

Fast forward to today, nearly 20 years later, and I’ve since made numerous leaps into uncharted territory, and again have felt that same sense of fear and insecurity every time. Yet, with each new life leap, with each new advancement along my career path and new milestone in my life, that fear and insecurity gradually shifted to a feeling of familiarity, and a greater sense of confidence. This was a “knowing” that whatever the path and the outcome, I was certain to learn something new, and most importantly grow as a person despite the outcome.

Since that first leap of faith and fear, I successfully sold some of the very first internet ad sales ever. I managed and trained writers for a series of startup community websites. I organized events and led a community leadership program for the Chamber of Commerce in Bend, Oregon, and since 2005 I’ve signed more than 7 million dollars in digital ad revenue as a corporate sales trainer for the newspaper industry.

Along with each new life challenge, I’ve settled into a more peaceful process that leads me through the fear and insecurities that come with it. These life transitions have given me the tools to help others through their own struggles, which can feel so overwhelming you sometimes want to cave under all the pressure! With one simple step at a time, I’ve finally learned how to push ahead, stay committed, and reach some amazing life goals. And now I’m ready to help you do the same!”

Trish Kinney, Life Coach
Trish Kinney
Bear Mountain, Montana

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Schedule your complimentary 30-minute session today! I encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity to see if coaching might be right for you. Remember, coaching is an investment in your most precious resource, YOU.

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